Andreas Phillip Oettner  was one of the most popular painters on porcelain form the 18th Century. We know that he was living from 1735-1792. He has contracts with the porcelain manufactures Neudeck,Höchst,Frankenthal,Ludwigsburg,Fürstenberg and Vienna. There are also some known work from him on porcelain from Meissen Weesp and Loodsrecht, but it is not kown yet if he was also contracted with these manufactures.

The shown example here is painted between 1767-1771. This is time the period when worked for Fürstenberg. This is a nearly completed Tea and Coffe Service which was painted only from Oettner.

Who we know that thispainted by Oettner? From other manufactures we have some porcelain with painters marks on it. And if you compare them with other examples from other manufactures you can see that it would be the same painter.


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