Fürstenberg Porcelain from the 18th Century

Fürstenberg Porcelain is marked with an F since 1753. The Porcelain Manufacture was founded in 1747. Sometimes pieces from the time between 1747 -53 comes up but they are not marked with an blue F. Some of them have some inscribed letters like P Z or something like that. They can be identified if you have a look to my website and send me an E-Mail. I will help you with that.

This website should help you to identify Porcelain from the Fürstenberg Porcelain Manufacture when it is from the 18th Century and the beginning of the 19th Century

Marks on Fürstenberg Porcelain

Under F Mark Tab you can find a lot of images from F Marks used in the 18th Century. They where all on cups , saucer and tablets not on figures. So the size can be varying to the ones on the figurines.

Later on i will provide images from F Marks on Fürstenberg Figurines.

Paintings on Fürstenberg Porcelain form the 18th Century

Under Floral Paintigs some more Pictures with some underglaze painted flowers painted.

Under " The Work from Andreas Phillip Oettner you can find pictures of a rare service which was painted from Andreas Phillip Oettner.

Under  "Wanted" some things that i was looking for.


Please feel free to write a mail if you have any question regarding Porcelain with an F.